Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to quickly get taller with the help of shoe lifts

Shoe lifts have been around for many years now.. so hasn't a lot of people heard of them? beats me.. All I know is people are really missing out at being much much taller without wearing them. I was given a pair of shoe lifts from a friends who told me to wear them because he thought I was small.. cheeky. Anyway I laughed at him at first and was a little insulted.. but eventually i thought id just give them a go just to shut him up.. but ever since I first put on the shoe lifts I haven't been without.. they are just that good you see. Whilst other shoes (elevator shoes to be precise) will give you extra height, it is quite obvious from the huge tall heels that you are getting you height from them but with these height insoles it is a very different story indeed.. you see because these height insoles are meant and designed not to be seen... hidden in your shoes. The shoe lifts are inexpensive to buy (my friend wouldn't have bothered buying me some if they would have costed him much money). Plus they are really comfortable to wear and better for your feet than normal insoles.. something to do with supportive orthotics added to the heels of the shoe lifts. I have nothing to complain about these shoe lifts really have made me taller and my life better..I have got more confidence and people dont laugh at my height anymore!For more ways to grow taller.. or more info about these shoe lifts.. I found a really good article on growing taller at superoito if your interested.

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