Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The best running tip to make running fun

Running can be a real drag if it gets boring that why you should run with your friends together. The more the merrier I say! Running with your friends will not only keep you distracted helping you not feel as tired as if you were alone and not distracted running with friends helps time to go faster. Talk with your friends whilst you run or jog in a marathon but remember in a sprint make sure you aren't distracted instead race with your friends and this will help push both you and your friends to run even faster as you compete. Running with friends is the ideal way to push yourself or not let running get boring whilst on a long and boring run around the countryside. If all of your friends are unhealthy and dont want to run their are plenty of running clubs around the country that will help you team up with running partners and meet new friends who aren't to lazy!

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